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Document: 29 Dec 2009 By Rithipol / Free Press Magazine / Translated from Khmer by Socheata, KI-Media

The Norway-based Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWCI) demanded that the Cambodian government release the two Khmer villagers whom the Svay Rieng tribunal decided to imprison.

Men Nath, the Chairman of the CWCI, indicated in a statement released on 27 December 2009 from Kristiansand, Norway, that “the court should stop being used to arrest the victimized villagers and the latter, Mr. Prum Chea and Mrs. Meas Srey, should be unconditionally released.”

Mr. Prum Chea and Mrs. Meas Srey were among 5 villagers who were summoned by the Svay Rieng court for questioning, and they were placed under arrest on Wednesday 23 December. The other 3 villagers fled in fear.

CWCI criticized this situation. It indicated in its statement that “the Cambodian government is serving Vietnam’s policy by inflicting sentences on its own people to please the Hanoi’s regime.” CWCI also condemned the Cambodian government in the planting of border posts that led to the loss of 4,000 to 6,000 square-kilometers of rice fields belonging to Cambodian villagers living along the border.

CWCI also expressed its extreme disappointment in the answers provided by Var Kimhong, the chairman of the government border committee, to the National Assembly based on the questions raised by SRP MP Son Chhay. During the clarification session, all that Var Kimhong did was to dodge the questions asked.

With all that can be seen above, CWCI considered that not only the Cambodian government does not have the will to defend Cambodia’s national integrity, but it also allows neighboring countries to encroach on Cambodian territories, and the government made all attempts to defend these countries in their swallowing of Cambodian territories. Please view here both Khmer & English.

On December 27, 2009 The Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWC-International) released its statement to condemn Cambodian Govt arresting two farmers in jail in Svay Rieng province after they participated in the border posts’ removing between Cambodia and Vietnam. Then Govt representative Var Kim Hong did not answer the questions of MP Son Chhay on Dec 24. Please click here to read statement.

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Kristiansand City, Norway