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Background of Cambodia Watchdog Council International – “CWC-International or CWCI Cambodia”

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Background of CWC-International

Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWC-International) is the coalition of local non-governmental organization which was established on September 16, 2002 by six Organizations, (Unions/Associations) and perform her duties on the advocacy of human right, right of workers, employees, the improvement of working status of civil-servants, teachers, rights of poor pheasants, and the development along the border. The founding members of CWC-International:

  1. Free Trade Union of Workers of Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC)
  2. Cambodia’s Independent Civil-Servants Association (CICA)
  3. Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association (CITA)
  4. Students’ Movement for Democracy (SMD)
  5. Cambodian Indepent Farmer Association (CIFA)
  6. Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Worker Democratic Union (C.CAWDU).

Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWC-International) is a new name after we amended it on April 13, 2006. The original name is “Cambodia Watchdog Council (CWC)”.


Cambodia Watchdog Council International

Kristiansand, May 24, 2006

Report of Meeting on the approval of composition of Steering Committee and the amendment of By-Law, Hannevik Terasse 63, Kristiansand, May 14, 2006

I- Brief History

Cambodia Watchdog Council International is the coalition of local non-governmental organization which was established on September 16, 2002 by six Organizations (Unions/Associations), and perform her duties on the advocacy of human right, right of workers, employees, the improvement of working status of civil-servants, teachers, rights of poor pheasants, and the development along the border.

Regarding her strenuous activities, Cambodian Government attempted to cause troubles such as killing and intimidation her members. Mr. Chea Vichea, former president of Free Trade Union of Workers of Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC), was murdered by the agent of government on 22 January, 2004, for instance. Moreover, other 6 main members were intimidated, arrested and imprisoned and escaped the country on October 14, 2005 such as Mr. Rong Chhun, president of Cambodian Independent Teachers Association, was imprisoned in Phnom Penh for more than three months, Mr. Men Nath, president of Cambodian Independent Civil-Servants Association, Mr. Ir Channa, Deputy Secretary General of Students’ Movement for Democracy, Mr. Chham Chhany, president of Cambodian Independent Farmer Association, escaped to Norway, and Mr. Pang Sokhoeun, president of Students’ Movement for Democracy escaped to Sweden. Whereas Mr. Chea Mony, president of FTUWKC, was in Europe (Ireland and France) for more than three months and just turned back to Cambodia in February 2006.

At the moment, CWC-International transfers her office to Norway upon the relocation of three main members mentioned above so that it can reinforce the role on the international arena and set up the country representatives to some countries in order to collaborate with all members as institution based in Cambodia.

On April 13, 2006, CWC-International had the first congress at Centre of Historical Crimes, Kristiansand, Norway in order to choose new leadership. The Congress was presided over by Mr. Virak Yenn, Representative of Cambodia Border Committee (with Sean Pengsè in France) and President of the Khmer Buddhist Society in Norway, and Mr. Men Heap, President of the Cambodia Association Norway and participated by 53 people. After the strenuous debate, the election was conducted and new structure of CWC-International was organized as hereunder:

  1. Mr. Men Nath, Ex-President of Cambodian Independent Civil-servants Association (CICA) was elected as President.
  2. Mr. Chham Chhany, Ex-President of Cambodian Independent Farmer Association (CIFA) was elected as Vice President.
  3. Mr. Ir Channa, Ex-Deputy Secretary General of Students’ Movement for Democracy was elected as Secretary General.
  4. Mr. Khom Piseth, Ex-advisor of Member of Parliament Mr. Chheam Chany was appointed as the Treasurer.
  5. And additional 7 people were elected as members of Steering Committee.

II- Progress of Meeting

1- Presiding and Delimitation of Composition Steering Committee

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Men Nath, president of CWC-International, and participated by members of steering committee and advisor. The meeting officially determined on the composition of member of steering committee and advisor as below:

  1. Mr. Men Nath, President
  2. Mr. Chham Chhany, Vice President
  3. Mr. Ir Channa, Secretary General
  4. Mr. Khom Piseth, Treasurer
  5. Mr. Virak Yenn, CWC-International Advisor
  6. Mr. Yin Kimsuor, Steering Committee member
  7. Mr. Lang Pyseth, Steering Committee member
  8. Ms. Cheng Channara, Steering Committee member
  9. Ms. Monica Mau Yenn, Steering Committee member
  10. Mr. Nov Veasna, Steering Committee member

2- Statute Amendment

Some articles of CWC-International statute were amended to comply with international law and basically Norwegian law. The original name in Khmer version is being maintained while the term INTERNATIONAL is added in English version as “CAMBODIA WATCHDOG COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL”.

CWC-International wishes to have a society with real democracy, rule of law, and human rights respect.

Integrating and incorporating with state institutions, civil society and ordinary citizens in order to enhance the standard of living, to spread out the culture, to exchange experiences, to promote skills in contribution to the national and international development.

By doing this, CWC-International is basically ready to cooperate with Cambodian-Norwegian Friendship Society, Redd Barna Organization (Save the Children), Akivet Foundation, Khmer Buddhist Society Norway, Cambodia Association Norway and particularly Norwegian Government. Moreover, CWC-International is willing to collaborate with organizations, unions, and civil-societies based in Cambodia and in other countries.

To reinforce and enhance the national unity, democracy, human rights, and culture.


  • Conciliating with civil society, NGOs and political organizations with the sense of wisdom and high national interest as the principle in contributing to the reformation and development of the country.
  • Calling on to promote the law enforcement, democracy, and human right respect.
  • Increase the corporation with the government, civic society, and citizens both inside and outside the country in order to exchange the experiences and the knowledge of culture and art, and working skills.
  • Calling on to eliminate the corruption and social injustice.
  • Calling on to improve the life of well-being of civil-servants, professors, workers, employees, and citizens. Khmer citizens who live along the border or remote areas shall be regarded as the priority in the development program of CWC-International.
  • To educate and spread out democracy, human rights, health, environment, law, and other programs.

3- CWC-International Chart

CWC-International leadership structure was also put forward to discuss in the meeting. The meeting entirely determined to maintain the original structure and chart which are enclosed with this report.

III- Conclusion and Evaluation

The meeting finally reached the entire agreement on the leadership structure, the whole meaning of by-law, the composition of Steering Committee, the future strategy planning and other work schedules. The meeting also determined to put forward the application to seek the legitimacy from Norwegian Authority so that CWC-International can perform her work legally.

Faithfully yours,

Men Nath,
President of CWC-International


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