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    CWCI is the non-profit organization established as an international operational network for main CWC in Cambodia. Historically CWC is established by six strong organizations such as Free Trade Union of Workers of Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC), Cambodia’s Independent Civil-Servants Association (CICA), Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association (CITA),
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The CWC International Strongly Criticizes the Cambodian Prime Minister – Saturday, 23.5.2009

Posted by cwcinternational on May 25, 2009

Source: The Mirror, Vol. 13, No. 613 translating form Khmer Machas Srok News, Vol.3, #409, 23.5.2009 Cambodia Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen

“The Cambodia Watchdog Council, based in Kristiansand in Norway, made a statement yesterday, on 22 May 2009, criticizing the frightful words of the Prime Minister, which affect different non-government organizations in Cambodia.

“The office of Khmer Machas Srok would like to publish the statement completely, based on the original statement without adding any comments:

Cambodian Prime Minister Mr. Hun Sen

STATEMENT (view in Khmer):

CWC-International, # Havreveien 94, 4635 Kristiansand City, Norway, Tel: +4799489608/+4799489347/

Kristiansand, 22, May, 2009

“The Cambodian Prime Minister, Mr. Hun Sen, warned on 21 May 2009 that he will sue, at the courts, any non-government organizations that dares to claim that they have been threatened by the Prime Minister, and he demanded all non-government organizations to work independently and neutrally.

“The Cambodia Watchdog Council noticed that there are really many non-government organizations in Cambodia, some organizations, associations, and unions are independent and neutral to serve the benefits for Khmer citizens, while a large number of organizations, associations, and unions, work to serve the politics for the Cambodian People’s Party and of the Hun Sen government. So far, organizations, associations, and unions that work independently are often disturbed by restrictions of their freedom by the authorities of the government, and they are also sometimes directly attacked by Mr. Hun Sen with unethical words that violate also the honor of Khmer women.

“Obviously, the president of the Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association, Mr. Rong Chhun, was jailed, the president of the Cambodian Free Trade Union of Workers, Mr. Chea Mony, was sued by Mr. Hun Sen over his opinions expressed regarding border issues, and the scholar of economics, Dr. Sok Hach, and Dr. Lao Mong Hay, and some non-government organizations were cursed by Mr. Hun Sen. Separately, a Sam Rainsy Party parliamentarian, Ms. Mu Sochua, was also insulted by Mr. Hun Sen.

“We saw that Mr. Hun Sen always attacks various opposition and non-government organizations that dare to make critical suggestions for improvements regarding his leadership of the government. He has never acknowledged the fact that he has not been able to rule the country by alleviating poverty of the Khmer citizens, by eliminating corruption, and by defending the country against invasions by neighboring countries, but in contrast, he hinders citizens to present any demands, even non-violent demonstrations and public gatherings are restricted.

“The Cambodia Watchdog Council would like to call on Mr. Hun Sen, as prime minister, to give up publishing threatening opinions, curses using all kinds of images, and the use of the court system as a tool to suppress leaders of organizations, associations, unions and various opposition groups, that follow the Constitution of Cambodia, which defines citizens’ rights, the freedom of expression, and the right of assembly. Also, the prime minister has to be a good model for the citizens, in morality, responsibility according to the law, daring to accept responsibility for his own activities.

“The Cambodia Watchdog Council would like to ask the international community and donors to observe the human rights situation in Cambodia, and to put pressure on the Cambodian government when it acts against democracy.

Cambodia Watchdog Council

Men Nath, (President)


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