13 June 2010
Translated from Khmer by Oss Dey

Members of the Cambodia Watchdog Council (CWC) are currently traveling to visit the Cambodian-Viet border in Takeo.

Rong Chhun, CWC Representative, indicated that about 10 members of his council are currently traveling to visit post No. 270 delimiting the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, located in Chey Chauk commune, Borey Chulsa district, Takeo province.

He said that the visit takes place after local villagers accused the Vietnam authority of planting the border post inside Cambodian territories by about 150-meter. He indicated that if this accusation proves to be true, he will send an official report to the government to revisit this case. Rong Chhun hopes that the Cambodian authority will not prevent his group’s visit to the location.

The Takeo provincial police commissioner could not be reached as his phone was busy.

As for Var Kim Hong, the Chairman of the Government Border Committee, he cannot be reached yet.

On 03 June, SRP MPs {SRP = Sam Rainsy Party} were unsuccessful once already when they tried to visit the villagers who accused the Vietnam authority of planting the border post on their rice fields, by about 100-meter into Cambodian territories. 

A few days later, Funcinpec MPs went to visit the Cambodian-Viet border in Phnom Den, Kirivong district, but they were unsuccessful also as the Khmer authority prevented them to do so.