CWCI – Text posted in November 2008

Letter of the
Cambodian Watchdog Council International

CWC-International, # Havreveien 94, 4634 Kristiansand City, Norway

No: 023 cwci/08
Kristiansand, 17 July 2008

To: Dr. Christina Cameron, UNESCO President

Subject: Preah Vihear Temple in Cambodia

To Your Excellency,

It is in our utmost respect and great honor having heard the historical news of actions taken by UNESCO to place Preah Vihear Temple into the World Heritage in Quebec, Canada on July 07th, 2008. At the same time, Thai government and her people will use every tactics to take Preah Vihear back from Cambodia.

Evidence has shown on this past July 15th, 2008, there was an incident at the border between Thailand and Cambodia. There were a monk and two of his disciples illegally crossed over to Preah Vihear, Cambodia in order to place its Thai flag on Khmer land. They were apprehended by Cambodian police and released four hours later. In addition, there were 50 Thai military personnel who were armed with heavy guns also illegally crossed over and occupied the Preah Vihear Temple and completely shut down the roadway to which the land is not even under their control. Furthermore, until this very day on July 17th, 2008, Thai military officials instigated the matter that has already worsen by the minutes by adding more of its military officials to more than 400 bodies.

Cambodian government has already sent its troops to protect the area and to oversee the situation which is very tense. There were about 200 Cambodian families who were residing along the border and they are fear for their safety. As of now, the Cambodian government is trying to calm the situation down by talking to Thai government by solving this matter in diplomatic manners.

Hence, the Cambodian Watchdog Council International (CWC-International) strongly believe that the Thai military and its government is trying to provoke and instigate the situation without respecting the decision rendered by the International Court of Justice at the Hague in 1962 and the decision made by UNESCO to place Preah Vihear onto the World Heritage on July 07th, 2008. This has clearly shown that the Thai government fail to respect the decisions as a civilized nation, in addition, made a mockery of the ICJ and UNESCO…not to mention the disrespectful to Cambodia as a sovereign nation.

Preah Vihear has a total of 4.5 kilometers squares which situated within the boundary of Cambodia according to the Map approved and rendered by the Hague International Court of Justice in 1962. In addition, from the very first step of Preah Vihear Temple entrance to the border of Cambodia and Thailand it has approximately 2.6 kilometers squares according to the France – Siam Treaties Annex I Map in 1904 and 1907 also belong to Cambodia. By observing these facts, Thailand is intentionally and slowly invading Cambodia.

For this matter and this matter alone, thousand of Cambodians around the world is worrying that Thailand will not stop here and it will lead to something far danger than this.

Cambodia Watchdog Council International and on behalf of all Cambodians around the world would like to ask for your assistance in finding resolutions to this matter as a Director of UNESCO.

Respectfully Yours,

Men Nath,
President of CWC-International

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