CWC-International, # Ålefjæreien 51A, 4634 Kristiansand City, Norway,

Kristiansand, 14 March, 2007

Dear UNHCR Bangkok Representative,

I am writing to you to express Cambodia Watchdog Council International’s concern about the recent arrests of Cambodian people, about 200 people including children, who have fled to Thailand, which are done by Thai authority. They are the political asylum seekers.

Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWCI) recognizes that Thai authority intends to capture and put them to the jail or send back to home country. We know clearly that they are staying in Thailand illegally, but they have been forced to escape from their homes and find the safe place since they have raised their dissenting views against the Royal Government of Cambodia led by Mr. Hun Sen who has been known as a dictator. They have done political activities for the cause of democracy and human rights respect in Cambodia. By doing this, members of their families were murdered and threatened but the perpetrators have not been found out and sent to jail. They are not provided justice.

According to the universal declaration of United Nations about the human rights, and Thailand is also a member of this world organization, CWCI considers that Thai authority is seriously violating the rights of those people. CWCI urges Thai authority to release those people without delay.

Finally, CWCI appeals to UNHCR and all human rights defender organizations to intervene thoroughly this case with observing and protecting them from being sent back to Cambodia where their lives can be at risk.

Yours Sincerely

Ir Channa
Secretary General